The major requirements of the new US FATCA legislation have taken effect on July 1, 2014.

To document the FATCA readiness of Portigon, we have summarized the relevant information in the following FAQs:

1. What is the FATCA status of Portigon AG?

Portigon AG is a Reporting Model 1 FFI. It is domiciled in the IGA I state Germany and has registered itself accordingly on the IRS Website.

2. Can you provide a completed W-8 form?

Portigon issues W-8 forms solely on an individual basis. So if you have a specific, relevant business case, please contact fatca@portigon-ag.de in order to request a W-8 form.

3. How can we contact Portigon´s FATCA Responsible Officer/Coordinator?

Full name: Martin Malkewitz
Job title: Head Operations
Department: GB Infrastruktur & Operations
Telephone number: +49-211-826-9893
Email: fatca@portigon-ag.de
Please address FATCA-related inquiries to that address.

4. Does Portigon have (a) GIIN Number(s)?

The GIIN Numbers of Portigon AG´s entities are:

Portigon AG, Düsseldorf
GIIN: 08E6H7.00000.LE.276

Portigon Finance Curacao N.V.
GIIN: 08E6H7.00001.ME.531

Portigon AG, United Kingdom
GIIN: 08E6H7.00000.BR.826